Three Things I Will Do

Three Things I Will Do After Attending “Spare The Rod: Raising Children With Dignity and Respect”
June 1, 2009


I will not hit my kid.

I will make a commitment to never hit my own children.

I will definitely stop hitting my children.

I will not use [corporal punishment] as a form of discipline - period. And I have not.

I will not threaten the use of [corporal punishment], because that in itself is ineffective.

I will raise my grandchildren without using Corporal Punishment thus breaking the cycle of using Corporal Punishment as a form of discipline in the generations to come.

Spare The Rod Conference Photos

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Summary of Geoffrey Canada’s Keynote Address

“Spare the Rod: Why Corporal Punishment Doesn’t Work and What Does”

Thank you. Good morning everybody. I’m really excited to be here in Philadelphia—it’s also one of my adopted cities. What John [Rich] did not mention is that I am also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I have been coming here for 25 years or more to this wonderful city, and it’s one of those cities I am very concerned about, and as you all know who are here, it has many challenges. 

Trauma and Early Brain Development: Setting the Stage

From the Spare The Rod conference, Sandra Blooms Power Point presentation: Trauma and Early Brain Development: Setting the Stage